Erotica Book Review: Cleaning up Camille by Nora Nix

Title: Cleaning up Camille
Author: Nora Nix
Genre: Lactation Erotica

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆
Hotness Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Blurb: Nick is a young, aspiring artist. Camille is his favorite barista at the Happy Hermit café. When Camille's engorged breasts start leaking during her shift, he knows that someone will have to clean her up - and it might as well be him.


He had been sitting in a corner booth of the Happy Hermit, one of those hipster coffee cafés that everyone loved to hate – including him. It was overpriced and overflowing with hack writers and scribblers calling themselves artists, and if that wasn’t bad enough, if a server caught you uploading a photo of your food with a crappy filter on it, you’d get a free espresso.

What's wrong with hipster cafes? They just serve better coffee than Starbucks. It's about quality, you hear me, quality! ...And sometimes instagramming latte art. But I digress.

Cleaning up Camille is the story of Nick, the guy chilling in this hipster cafe, and Camille, a barista that is way too cute and innocent for it. Nick has secretly been admiring Camille's newfound boobage when an accident happens that changes their relationship.

“There you go,” she announced triumphantly. “One maple vanilla spiced latte for Mr. Ford.” She spun the can like a cowboy in a spaghetti Western and shoved it into her apron with a playful wink.

Camille is a basic girl and Nick is a basic guy, but their interactions in this story are surprisingly sweet. They have playful banter and genuinely seem to enjoy each other's presence. It almost feels like they are those best friends that everyone assumes are dating.

Camille was clearly upset and humiliated, and the sounds of her quiet weeping nearly drove him to tears along with her.

Not only that, but Nick is something more than a raging hard on! He actually cares about Camille. In the quote above you can really see that he has a lot of empathy for her situation, which is pretty endearing.

“It’s not all that weird. It’ll give us something to laugh about later when—” “Holy shit, Nick!” Camille yelped, her eyes widening. Nick looked down and realized that she was staring at the front of his jeans. “You’re hard!”

That's all great and sweet until we get to the sexy. I'm sorry to say that it was just plain confusing sometimes. Why is Camille (who just had a baby and obviously isn't a virgin) pointing at Nick's crotch like she's never seen an erection before? Does that really warrant a yelp. Maybe if he was so gigantic his pants were coming apart, but this seems like a pretty run-of-the mill erection here.

“That’s my girl!” Nick praised, grabbing a handful of the fabric and giving a sharp tug. The strappy little pair ripped away, leaving her bare-assed in front of him. She yelped in surprise and he stuffed them in her mouth, turning her to face him and looking down into her wide brown eyes.

Then there are scenes like this that make me feel like I'm in another story. After all that sweet insecurity, where did this come from? First time sex with a sensitive artist guy and he rips off your panties and stuffs them in your mouth? I'm into BDSM, so normally I'd probably find this pretty hot, but here it's just confusing.

He was soon not only covered in the milk from her tits, but the milk from her pussy too, an earthy aroma that reminded him of red wine and went to his head just as easily.

There are also a few moments in the text that suffer from overwriting. I know red wine is a nice image, but it really doesn't make sense here. Well, unless Camille has some really special breast milk.

“I knew you’d like it,” she said in between animalistic panting. “I’ve been putting it in your coffee for weeks.”

On the other hand, it's moments like these that make me smile. It's a cute trick that Camille has pulled on Nick and gives her a little spunk. Plus it makes Nick seem less like a weird stalker, which is always a plus. Unless that's the kink you're writing.

“You… are on the pill, right?” he asked at last, wincing at how terribly unromantic that sounded. Camille chuckled and shook her head, but before Nick could have a coronary, she added: “An IUD.”

Finally, a shoutout for mentioning IUDs in erotica. I think I've never seen that before and it literally made me laugh out loud. Remember kids, IUDs are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, but will not stop dudes at cafes from milking your boobs.


  • Plot : ★★★☆☆
  • Characters: ★★★☆☆
  • Warnings: Milk! All over the place! In a grimy hipster cafe!


+Super sweet story about cute characters
+ IUDs!


+Really not enough sizzle for me
+Not enough romance to make up for the sizzle

Why You Should Buy It

If you want a mostly sweet story about lots of milk gushing between two cafe denizens, this is the story for you. If you just love lactation, it has the milk and the sex you desire.

About the Author:Nora Nix is a young author with a passion for passion. She enjoys love stories just as much as she enjoys lust stories and writes both. Other genres that interest her include fantasy, science fiction, dystopian worlds, post-apocalyptic epics, and good old adventure tales.

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