Erotica Book Review: Killing the Desire by Leanna Harrow

Title: Killing The Desire 

Author: Leanna Harrow

Genre: Erotic Thriller

ISBN: 9781615728626

Pages: 94

Overall Rating: 3 of  5

Hotness Rating: 1 of  5

Killing the Desire


Rose never believed in love—her mother’s words in her head saw to that. Becks Harlow wanted Rose to protect her heart from the pain of love. When her mother is brutally murdered, Rose turns to the one man she thought could help, Detective Dave Mason. He was in charge of her mother’s case. Little did Rose know, Detective Mason would soon be in charge of her body, heart, and soul. She also suspects he killed her mother!

He stood over her, smiling, cock in hand.

Wow, Leanna Harrow sure nows how to start things off with a bang!

Killing the Desire begins moments after Rose's mom, Becks, is killed. We get to spend a few chilling moments with her murderer before meeting Rose and the rest of the characters. When Rose comes home to find her mother dead, she becomes determined to find the killer. 

That's when she meets Detective Dave Mason, and falls head over heels for him. After a sad family reunion and joyous funeral party, Rose and Dave have a six hour sex-athon. Then Rose finds some evidence on her mother's laptop that pinpoints Dave as the potential murderer. 

Is he the murderer? Well, I can't spoil the plot for you, now can I?

The book shocked me from the very first line, but I only wish that level of tension continued throughout the whole novel. Right after the opening scene we get a few chapters of backstory before the plot gets moving again. I get that Harrow wanted us to understand Rose's family, but it would have been better to get that as the plot continued rather than all at once.

Yes, Rose was a scrapper and you didn’t want to mess with her.

Rose is a spunky character. She's not going to take any guff from anyone. While I liked a change from all of the weak and helpless female main characters I've seen in erotica recently, she's still another stereotype. Fans of anime and manga might recognize her as tsundere, or the tough chick with a heart of gold. There isn't much to her that wasn't predictable.

The same goes for the rest of the characters. If you love perfect and beautiful main characters, then Killing the Desire delivers. Rose is smoking hot, with a great ass and boobs. Dave is a big hunk of rippling six-packs in a police uniform. Sweet. But if you like a little more originality in your characters, you may be disappointed.

She could imagine him sucking her hard nipples, making her cum as he bit them one after the other and making her moan in ecstasy.

The sex didn't work for me. Many times It just seemed too unrealistic and rushed by too quickly. Rose was a cum machine, and even she lost count of how many times she orgasmed. It seems like she can cum at the drop of a hat. I wish I had that skill, but I am not so lucky. I do like that she takes the reins sometimes during sex, and doesn't just sit back and let things happen to her.

Those gorgeous eyes fixed on him. Those gorgeous, brilliant, blue eyes! They were deep, soulful, kind eyes. They were mesmerizing and captivating eyes.

Sometimes the style in Killing the Desire could be a little rough. It could be repetitious, like in this quote. The dialogue often felt unbelievable  particularly in the scenes with the police officers. But the scenes with Rose and her siblings were dead on in dialogue and feeling. I even found myself smiling and thinking about my siblings as I read these moments.

Harrow also falls into the old writer trap of telling when she should be showing. We get that the eyes are gorgeous. But show us how gorgeous they are, don't tell us.

Overall, Killing the Desire was an interesting ride. There are lots of twists and turns that I can't write about, and you'll just have to read the book to find out. Although there are certainly some areas for improvement, it can delight some lovers of mystery with a bit of  sexiness thrown in.


  • Plot : 3 of  5
  • Characters: 2 of  5
  • Warnings: None, squeaky clean. Except for the sex.

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About the Author

Leanna Harrow grew up on the Central Coast of California where the beaches were pristine and the sunsets were spectacular. She attended the school of hard knocks as traditional schools had too many rules and regulations. She raised four children who turned out happy, healthy, productive members of society. Each of her children grew up to possess her independent spirit and headstrong ways but are all awesome people.

For all of her love, time, and devotion, Leanna’s children have repaid her with the ultimate gift of grandchildren. They are her favorite past time and at present, she has four of them. Leanna’s sure that the future holds more of them.

Her hobbies include cooking huge meals for her extended family, a good game of billiards every now and then, reading a good book—as well as writing one, writing poems that pop into her head at the most inopportune times, listening to music as many hours a day as possible and people watching, especially men!

Leanna lives in North Carolina and is very single


Leanna can be found at her Web site.

Leanna Harrow