The Week in Sex: Porn Stars, Art, and Your Daily Supplement of Cute

  • Maybe the cutest erotic video ever? A couple strips off each other's skin (okay, I know that sounds weird, but trust me) in a sweet animated short. Libidinis(Juxtapoz)

  • Lucky Londonites get to see an exhibition by Toshio Sakei: Master of Japanese Erotica until next month. If you are into dark, surrealist, and sometimes downright scary erotica, this is right up your alley. Toshio Saeki: Master of Japanese Erotica (FrameWeb)

  • Porn isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Lydia Lee talks about her experience working in the porn industry, why she did it, and how she got out without too many scars. How in the world did I survive the porn industry?(Lydia Lee)

  • A kid from Connecticut heads to New York and everything goes crazy. Ben Peck tells us how he transformed from a cum laude Columbia graduate lawyer into a porn star. No matter what he does, this guy is hardcore dedicated to his work.

    Ben Peck:

    Most Europeans I met seemed more interested in self-improvement than professional ambition and money. No one ever ask ‘what I did.’ Instead, they wanted to find out ‘who I was,’ what drove me, a question for which I had no answer when I first arrived in Berlin.

    From Ivy League Lawyer to Porn Star (Psychology Tomorrow Magazine)