Erotica Book Review: Awakening by Katrin Xavier

Title: Awakening (Katie Gardiner)
Author: Katrin Xavier
Genre: M/F
Pages 36

Overall Rating:☆☆★★★
Hotness Rating:☆☆☆★★

Awakening (Katie Gardiner)
By Katrin Xavier

Blurb: Lonely and sad knowing that her husband is cheating on her, Katie Gardiner seeks solace in the arms of her husband's handsome nephew, Jacob. During a weekend-long family reunion, they find ways to satisfy each other's needs as Jacob's tender passion awakens Katie's lust for life.

This is the first in a series of five stories that follow Katie as she breaks free of the restraints of her old life and finds passion and love in her new one.


Awakening is the story of a woman coming to terms with the slow destruction of her marriage. Katie Gardinier is a wife and mother who finds herself spending a weekend vacation with her husband's family. That would be all well and good if she didn't know that her husband, Michael was having an affair. She hides from the family festivities, but when her nephew Jacob comes to check on her the real fun starts.

She climbed out of bed and put on her bikini. It was the first time she’d worn a bikini in years.

Katie is not a spring chicken. She's had kids. She had baby weight, lost it, found it, and lost it again after working hard for years. She knows she's getting older and she doesn't look like she used to back in the day. Combine this with the impending destruction of her marriage, and she's got a lot on her mind. This is probably the most compelling thing about her and about Awakening in general. I'm sure that many readers can relate to Katie's feelings of insecurity and a lost youth.

He’d become withdrawn and tense over the past year or so, and never missed a chance to subtly criticize her weight, her fashion sense, her cooking, or her housekeeping.

Unfortunately the other characters don't get quite as much development as Katie. Michael, her philandering husband, never becomes more than the quote above. And Jacob, her hot nephew, is little more than a good kid with a hot bod. They are basically good cop, bad cop. Some people might not mind this Since Katie is pretty well developed, but for me they were a bit thin.

How long had it been since a first kiss?

But you can overlook some thinness in the characters for moments and lines like the one above. Isn't it great? It made me think back to my own first kisses, how they felt, the newness and uncertainty there. In only nine lines, Katrin Xavier got me to think about all of that.

The novel is littered with moments like this, making it almost an elegy to Katie's lost youth and failing marriage. We go inside the head of a woman who seems to have given up so much of herself to this marriage but realizes that she will have to start all over again very soon. Even though I'm not in Katie's situation the weight of her emotions hit me very strongly nearly every time they were brought up.

Take me. Take me back to when I was young. Take me back to college, to high school. Take me to a time before Michael.

Then there's this. It might be a pet peeve of mine, but it's kind of gross and creepy to me that Katie uses the youth of her new fling to make herself feel better. Couldn't she become comfortable in her own age and in her own skin? Does she have to sleep with a young kid to be valuable? Not my cup of tea.

She ran her hand down her chest, over her stomach and under her panties. Her sex still felt swollen and juicy. Not a dream. A crazy, ridiculous, wonderful reality.

The sex is sexy! This isn't rough, explicit, extreme sex. No BDSM or tentacles. Just good old wholesome(ish) sex between a guy and a gal. If you want to be titillated, but think a lot of erotica goes too far, then you'll like this.

In the end, this is a pretty good introduction to Katie and her life. Since it is only book one of the series, we're sure all the thin parts that we noticed will be filled in all of the way.

: Plot :☆☆★★★
: Characters:☆☆★★★
: Warnings: The relationship is between a "not real aunt" and her nephew. Oh, and butt play happens.

About the Author:
About the Author: Katrin Xavier is a well travelled writer whose erotic tales explore the intersection of love, freedom and fulfillment. Awakening is her first story. Visit her at or sign up for her mailing list at to learn about new stories as they become available.

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