Sex Toy Reviews: The Hitachi Magic Wand

Name Hitachi Magic Wand
Price $54.95
Rating ★★★★☆
I have been dreaming of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Seriously. To me, it was the stuff of legend. I even went looking for it in Japan, but couldn't find it.
So imagine how excited I was to get my very own? I was counting down the days until it arrived, and it's been in good use ever since.
Of course, I'm not the only one who has the hots for the Hitachi, so here are some links to explore:

Nice and Simple

Nice and Simple

Lovin' that 80's vibe

Lovin' that 80's vibe

General Stats

What is it? What's it for?
Well, according to Hitachi, it's a back massager. Actually, it's pretty good at that. If you don't mind putting your sex toys on your back. But this isn't a back massager review. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a vibrator. Without adaptors, it can be used for external stimulation. Be imaginative! Think clit, taint, penis, all those good spots.

12"; head: 2-1/2" diameter; cord is 6'1"

Soft vinyl head with hard plastic body.

It comes in a totally nondescript box. There are pictures of innocent men and women massaging their aching backs. It actually looks like the type of thing you could get at a doctor's office. Not bad, but not great for storage. Nice if you are into retro stuff, though.

Design and Controls
Okay, this thing has never been updated. Ever. It's straight out of the 80's, so that might offend your design sensibilities if you are into nice looking things. On the plus side, if your family is not into these things, they would never know it's a sex toy.

Cleaning, and Is It Waterproof?
So, technically you should be able to clean this with your regular toy cleaner or soap and water. However, it's made out of bumpy vinyl, has lots of nooks and crannies, and gets connected to an electrical source every now and again. That freaks me out. I recommend putting a latex or nitrile glove on it. That way you don't have to worry about the cleanup. Oh yeah, totally not waterproof.

Power Source
Electricity. You've got to be plugged in, so your jollies can only happen so far away from the nearest outlet or extension cord.

Loud! People say that it only seems loud, but I don't trust 'em. I wouldn't use this if I was worried about being heard. It kind of sounds like you are doing woodworking when it is on.

There are two settings on the Hitachi, "High" and "Low." This is a lie. They should be "Insane" and "Jackhammer." I haven't even used it on the high setting!
Some people recommend putting some kind of barrier, like a cloth or Tenga Egg over it to make the sensations more bearable. Then you can work your way up to direct stimulation.

Actually Using It
Pure. Insanity. All the orgasms!
I honestly was kind of scared to use this. I'm pretty sensitive to clitoral stimulation, so just turning it on and hearing it was frightening. What if I broke my clit, you know? But I didn't have to worry. This thing gave me the most instantaneous, mind blowing, continuous wave of orgasms. No wonder it's called "The Cadillac of Vibrators!"
It can be a little too good if you like to slowly work up to your orgasms, but that's what other toys are for. If you are pressed for time and want something that will deliver, this is it.
On the other hand, it was nice to experiment. Move it a little bit up, down, pair it with fingers, and you have a whole different experience. My biggest problem with it in use was it's volume and that stupid short cord.

Final Ratings


  • Discrete
  • Strong and effective
  • Will probably last forever
  • Classic


  • I hate that cord
  • Heavy
  • HUGE!
  • Noisy

Who is it for?
Someone looking for deep, intense, external stimulation. Not for the faint of heart.

It might be a bit scary and retro designed, but the Hitachi Magic Wand may win you over with it's sheer power.

Where to get it?
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