Sex Toy Reviews: Vibrating Lover's Crop by California Exotics

Name Vibrating Lover's Crop by California Exotics
Price $14.99
Rating ★★☆☆☆
You know how a lot of sex toys say "For Novelty Use Only?" Well I've never used a toy that fit that phrase so perfectly. This toy makes me think of something you'd play with at a bridal shower. It's cute and entertaining, but not meant for heavy use.

Super Cute Hearts! 

Not exactly luxe

General Stats

What is it? What's it for?
It's a vibrating crop. It could be used for spacing, smacking, and all those regular uses for a crop. The vibrating aspic is meant to give it a dual function as a vibrator, but more on that later.

Size 20.25 inches

Materials ABS handle and soft PVC heart.

Class, this is not. It comes in a thin plastic packaging, with no storage bag, instructions, or anything else.

Design and Controls
It's cute! You have to admit that it is super cute. The Vibrating Lover's Crop has a bright pink and black color scheme that is perfect for anyone who is into Barbie style sex toys. The controls are simple enough that they need no instructions. The bigger button turns the crop on, and the smaller one turns it off. Simple. The big design flaw for me was in actual use. It's not very comfortable to hold, since there is not soft or ergonomic grip. I also noticed that the handle gradually works it way out of the base as you smack with it. Not to mention that it is definitely not meant for heavy play. I was constantly worried that I would break the crop and it would just split on me!

Cleaning, and Is It Waterproof?
If you did get this dirty, you should be able to clean it up with toy wipes. I wouldn't recommend washing any part of this, and it is not waterproof or splashproof at all. Remember that these are porous materials, so don't get anything on it that would require sanitization.

Power Source 1 AA battery

Pretty low. I wouldn't worry about anyone finding out about you secret vibrating crop sessions. It does give a nice satisfying smack when it hits skin and whistles nicely as you're about to swing.

Okay, this was my sticking point. Of course I don't expect something run on a single AA battery to be crazy powerful, but this was kind of ridiculous. The battery and motor are located in the handle of the crop, so that's where the vibrations originate. The problem is the vibrations never get all the way down to the tip of the cropI You don't feel it at all when in use. You could use it for sensation play, but even then the vibrations are pretty meager. You'd probably get stronger results from your electric toothbrush. On top of everything else, it starts to hurt your hand after a while because the stronger vibrations are in the handle. So it's not useful for extended play with the vibrating feature.

Actually Using It
Despite all my gripes, it's still a crop! Give me something hard and sturdy and I'm happy. The Vibrating Lover's Crop has decent stiffness and flexibility, so it does it's main job just fine as long as the handle stays in the base. But the vibrating feature is a bust, even though I was looking forward to this new twist on the standard toy.

Final Ratings


  • Cute
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to use


  • Weak Vibrations
  • Not for heavy or long play
  • Bad handle to tip connection

Who is it for?
This might be a nice to use if you think you might be into BDSM, but are kind of afraid of more extreme play. Think about it as a trainer crop.

A cute crop that could benefit from better design and stronger vibrations, but can still give you a good smacking.

Where to get it
$14.99 at NiteTimeToys

Thank you to NiteTimeToys for providing the Vibrating Lover's Crop in exchange for an honest review!

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