Sex Toy Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit from Lovehoney

Name Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit from Lovehoney
Price $59.99
Rating ★★★★☆
If you want a beginner's kit for bondage, this is just the thing. The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit easily gets your arms and legs wrapped in comfy restraint for some serious play.

General Stats

What is it? What's it for?
The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit is an under-the-bed bondage kit with class! It is meant to be set up underneath a mattress and used to restrain the arms, legs, or whatever else suits your fancy.

I don't know about you guys, but I've seen the cheap harness sets everywhere and had no interest in them. I kind of expected this kit to be more of the same, but it surprised me. It's packaged in a pretty elegant box, nicely arranged, has instructions, and is nicely made. What more could I ask for?

The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit includes the underbid harness, two wrist restraints, two ankle restraints, and a satin eye-mask.

Arm Restraints: 9.25 inches (with velcro, 12.5 inches)
Leg Restraints: 11 inches (with velcro, 14.4 inches)
Bed Harness: At least a Queen sized bed, probably will fit a King size fine.

The size was great for me. I was totally comfortable in the cuffs. But since I'm a pretty small lady, I found myself wondering how well the cuffs would work for larger people. You can use the measurements above to see if it should wrap around you comfortably.

Materials Stain, polyester, and velcro.

I love the satin more than I thought. It seemed cheap and gimmicy, and then I put it on. Oh, these cuff are like wearing silky smooth pillows on your hands and legs! They are padded and plush, not itchy or scratchy.

I also worried that the satin would make the cuff slip, or the velcro wouldn't hold on strong enough for rough sessions. Wrong again! The cuffS didn't budge, and were totally secure at all times.

Oh, but one thing. That satin eye-mask? Satin is the worst material to make an eye mask out of. I got rid of it.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit came in a Fifty Shades of Grey themed box. It has some quotes from the book and a picture of what's inside. But inside that box is an unmarked, sturdy grey box which should be okay for storage. It was actually decently sophisticated packaging.

Superduper simple to operate. It looked really confusing, but you get the idea pretty quickly. The clasps and O-rings fit together well and are easy to operate one-handed, which is a must. Easy to take off if need be.

Oh, and yes, you can leave it under your mattress and no one will know! So yay for sneaky kinks.


This thing is way stronger than I expected it to be. I'm not saying you should start swinging around the bed, but I think it probably will be sturdy enough for most bondage sessions. It's also great that it doesn't connect to the bed frame, so you don't have to worry about breaking that. You know, if you're like me and you've had to worry about that before....

Actually Using It
So if you are wondering why I was ready to poo poo the kit, it's because I love traditional Japanese rope bondage. So I saw this kit and thought, I'm too hardcore for that! Well, I was converted.

Even though I love the feel of hemp fibers, and thought I would miss that, the plushness of these cuffs was wonderful. It was easy to set up, easy to use, easy to put away, and very sturdy.

My only downside is there is a much more limited range of things you can do with a bondage kit like this, than with rope. Rope can do anything you imagine. That's not really a critique of the set, but a personal preference.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit isn't going to replace my shibari sessions. But it is a nice alternative when I just want a quick bondage session and don't want to pull out the rope.

Final Ratings


  • Soft
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy


  • Not the cheapest

Who is it for?
Anyone who is into bondage. Especially someone who wants something quick, safe, and easy. I think this would be great for a beginner.

I am definitely going to be using this again. The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit makes bondage easy, comfortable, and fun.

Where to get it

$59.99 at Lovehoney

Thank you to Lovehoney for providing the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Restraint Kit in exchange for an honest review!

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