Sexy, Happy, Smutty Valentine's Day!

Welcome all you dear hoppers!


In a few days love will be in the air, heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate will be in every arm, and you will positively choke on the lovey-dovey attitude. 

It's all a little too sweet for me. I like my Valentine full of whips, chains, and kinky BDSM.

If that's the kind of Valentine's Day you are into, then you might want to take a peek at my Training Kate series. Wanna know what's inside? I'll give you a hint. There's whips, chains, and sweet desserts that get served on something more interesting than a plate.

Does that whet your appetite? Then here's a taste!

He pulls a leash out of his pocket. The leash is simple, naturally colored leather, but the collar is lined inside with soft satin and edged with white lace. Michel pushes my hair over one shoulder so that he can see my neck, and he buckles the collar on tightly. I can breathe fine, but I feel its tightness against my throat with every movement.

He picks up the end of the leash and hands it to Albert.

“She’s yours now,” he says. “Take good care of her while I’m away.” 

Well, how was that? Better than a box of Walgreens chocolate, I bet.

If that sounds like your kind of Valentine's Day, you can find Training Kate books one through three at almost any place you can buy digital books.

Now, onto the hop!


You probably already know, but the grand prize of this Valentine's Day Gift Hop is a Kindle Paperwhite and a whole basket full of digital New Adult Romance.

How do you get your hands on this amazing prize? Every comment counts as an entry. It's as simple as that.

And guess what, you have even more chances to win a gift card and a free copy of the Training Kate series from me!

Just use the Rafflecopter form below to see how you can earn even more entry points.

After that, just keep on just keep on hopping!

Summer Seduction Blog Hop: August 14-21 (INT)

The summer is winding down. Kids are going back to school, the temperatures are starting to drop, and a long holiday season is gearing up to knock on our doors. 

Between my books, toys, and personal adventures, I've had my sexiest summer ever! So lets end it with a bang! 


There are two giveaways in this blog hop, lucky reader. 

The overall giveaway has two prizes: 

  1. An Adult Toy Giftbasket
  2. An Erotic eBook Bundle

The giveaway for this site also has two prizes: 

  1. A $10 giftcard to the retailer of your choice
  2. A free copy of my book, Sweat and Curves

An Amazon Top 100 Hot New Release!   Available on all major retailers

An Amazon Top 100 Hot New Release! 

Available on all major retailers

How to Enter!

There are two Rafflecopter forms below. Leave a comment telling me about the sexiest part of your summer, and confirm your entry by submitting to the Rafflecopter form.

Don't forget to enter in both giveaways and increase your chances of winning a prize! 

Site Giveaway

Grand Prize Giveaway

The Lovestruck Giveaway Hop: August 14-20th (INT)

Love-struck: (adjective) having a passionate or overwhelming feeling of love; smitten

The theme of this blog hop is "lovestruck!" When I thought of that, one of my books stood out more than any other.

Curves for the Chef is the story of how a curvy journalist who couldn't cook to save her life falls in love with a sexy billionaire chef with a dark past.  Even though they try to stay away from one another, they can't help but fall in love.

Read on for an excerpt and instructions on entering the giveaway!

She, Veronica Ward, is a voluptuous journalist who doesn't have the time to cook. He, Eric Walker, is sexy, a self made billionaire, a war veteran with a dark and secret past, and her next journalism subject.  When Veronica is assigned to cover the handsome chef, she can't get her mind off of Eric. He offers to show her the ropes in the kitchen, and a lot more starts to heat up besides the stove.  Eric's a man who knows how to get what he wants, and he'll make sure she learns a lot more from him than just how to make a soufflé! 


Eric came behind her again. He interlaced his fingers with hers, pressing her hands deep down into the soft dough. Their bodies were pressed together as Eric helped Veronica handle the bread. His skin rubbed against hers, and she could feel the heat of him radiating onto her. Veronica tried not to notice the growing wetness between her legs as he pressed into her. She was a professional, she thought. We’re just baking. Nothing else.

But their bodies were so tightly fitted against one another that it was hard to ignore the stiffness of Eric’s dick pressing into her ass as he bent her over to knead the dough again. Maybe she was imagining it? But soon Veronica realized that Eric had stopped kneading.

His warm breath prickled her skin as he whispered into her ear.

“I just can’t seem to control myself when I’m around you, Veronica.” Eric’s hands left the dough and started to travel up her arms, leaving traces of flour all over her body.

“I realized it yesterday, but I haven’t been able to keep my hands off you from the moment we met,” he said. He ran his hands down Veronica’s curves, grabbing her hips and pulling them closer to him. He pressed  against her even harder.

“You make me want to do very bad things,” he said. His voice was almost a growl, with his lips pressed against her skin.

“Like what?” Veronica asked.

Before she even had time to struggle, Eric picked her up as if she were as light as a feather. He sat her on the counter, roughly pushed up her skirt, and opened her legs.

“Like take you on my kitchen countertop.”



  1. A $10 dollar giftcard to the e-retailer of your choice
  2. A free copy of Curves for the Chef

How to Enter the Giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me your favorite love story. Then use the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entry and earn more chances to win. This is an international giveaway. Good luck!

Win Prizes! Wet and Wild Blog Hop: May 20-25

Welcome to my stop on the Wet and Wild Blog Hop hosted by Skye Warren! Authors, bloggers, and book reviewers from all over will be hosting giveaways this week with a chance to win hundreds of prizes.

It's got to be something about the heat, right? It just gets everyone in the mood for something sexy. But then again, we erotica authors will take any excuse to get a little steamy.

I have one wet and one wild book to share with you on my stop in the blog hop.

First, there is my wet book: The Tentacle and I.

Pearl diver Akiko Yamada is aching to get out of her provincial little town and into the big city. When she tries to make some extra money, she finds herself entangled in the arms of a tentacle monster that wants more out of her than pearls. Can she hold her breath while the monster's tentacles take her in every hole?

Next there is my wild book: Chikan.

Samantha Lawrence  is all alone and defenseless in the big city of Tokyo. Taking the train to her very first day of work, she is sandwiched in front of a man who can't keep his hands to himself. Who would have guessed that she would end up wet, exposed, spanked, and banged, all before 9 AM? 

What about those prizes?

There will be two sets of prizes in this blog hop.

Grand Prizes

  • $100 Gift Card to Victoria's Secret
  • A Digital Gift Basket

Site Prizes

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • Free Ebook from Ellen Dominick

How to Enter

Leave a comment below including:

  • What erotica themes you love to read!
  • Your email address

Then submit your entry to the Rafflecopter form below. Once that's done, there are even more ways to gain extra entries.

Then click here to keep on hopping!

Welcome to the Sinful Sirens Blog Hop! International Book and Prize Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Sinful Sirens Blog Hop, hosted by Under the Covers Book Blog!

This is the second year of the Blog Hop, but my first time participating. Over 100 other authors and bloggers are participating to kick off the summer with some hot erotica readings and giveaways.

On my stop, I wanted to share with you my new release, The Tentacle and I.

It's a perfect erotic read for these hot summer nights. It has warm weather, beautiful beaches, and of course some steamy action. A young pearl diver heads off into the waters all alone looking for extra pearls to get out of her town. Little does she know that an ancient sea creature is waiting for her down below!

The Tentacle and I
By Ellen Dominick

So, about those prizes

Today I will be giving away two prizes to one lucky winner:

  • A $10 gift certificate to the retailer of your choice
  • A free copy of any of my ebooks

How to Enter

Leave a comment below including:

  • What you love about the beach
  • Your email address

Then use the Rafflecopter form below to submit your entry, and even gain additional entries.