New Releases! Not Your Damsel, Dr. Hannah is In, and Cup of Joshua

Not Your Damsel

It started on the beach, but it is that where it will end?

Jada Stanley isn't on vacation. She's a graduate student who just happens to be doing her research in one of the most beautiful parts of Brazil. But when she is paired up with the smart and handsome Cole Shepherd, research is the last thing that's on her mind.

Cole turns out to be more than just another academic when he saves Jada from danger. But it's not just danger that keeps throwing them together. Jada and Cole get hot and heavy on the beach after research hours, and she can’t get him out of her mind.
Was it all just a one night fling? Or will this hot relationship work outside of a tropical paradise?

Dairymaid Cafe 3: Dr. Hannah is In

Kylie just wanted to take care of her newborn daughter. Why did that have to be so difficult? She's tried everything to get herself to produce milk, but nothing works.

So when her neighbor tells her to go to some weird farm for help, Kylie thinks that it's all just a joke. Well, at least until things start growing.

After drinking some very special milk, Kylie can't control herself.  Her body starts stretching, growing, and having a mind of its own. The employees at the farm are more than happy to help out with Kylie's newfound urges, butthat's just step one of the process.

Can Kylie make it all the way through their sexy, creamy, medical plan?

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Cup of Joshua: A BWWM Billionaire Baby Romance

Is Naomi ready for a steaming  hot cup of Mr. Joshua Toomer-Frost? 

The lights have been cut off in Naomi Monroe's apartment again.  She works from morning to night, serving upscale customers in a boutique coffee shop and barely gets paid minimum wage. The bills are just piling up. What is she going to do?

When  Joshua shows up at her café, she can’t help but notice. Something about him is different from all the other wealthy men that she serves every day. He wants more than just coffee from her. He wants a baby.
What is Naomi  supposed to do? The answer to all of her problems is right in front of her, but can she sell her body to pay her bills?

 Is she willing to share more than just a cup of coffee with this hot alpha billionaire? 

New Release! Forever with Him: With Her Billionaire 6

Penelope Hart is at her wits end. Her perfect vacation to Paris with billionaire Matt DuFour has gone completely wrong. He's too busy for her, and her new friend Gaël isn't interested in just staying friends.

Who will she choose? What will she do? Are Matt and Penny really meant to be together forever? Or was the time that they spent together nothing but a fluke?

Penny finally has to make up her mind and answer the question. Should she stick by Matt's side? Yes, or no? What answer will she choose?

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