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Dairymaid Cafe 2: Down on the Farm

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Cindy Watt is one of the buxom waitresses at the Dairymaid Cafe. She loves her new job, squirting out sweet cream for her customers. Business is booming. But soon the cafe can't keep up with demand, and the store owner has a new idea. Cindy and her coworkers ramp up production by becoming cows on the Dairymaid Farm. She's stripped, pumped, and exposed to peeping patrons. When it's her turn to be milked, Cindy needs some special help, and three huge men know just what she needs! 


This 6,000 word, sweet and sexy story contains explicit scenes of milking, milking sex, a woman's milk-swollen breasts being suckled by cafe customers, oral sex, breast expansion, human cows, multiple partners, and delicious warm milk gushing and flowing from a woman's huge and sensitive lactating breasts. It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


A loud whirring noise came from the pump, and I could see it’s cogs and gears working. It took a little while for the suction to begin. At first, it was gentle. I could barely feel it. But in no time, fountains of milk gushed from my breasts. The white milk filled the globes and then got sucked up the long tube and through the ceiling. At the rate it was going, I couldn’t even imagine how many bottles would get filled with my milk. 

Hannah stayed to watch this whole process, and my cheeks burned to know that she was behind me. It was so relieving to have the pressure of my milk sucked out of my body. Not only that, but the feeling was delicious. I couldn't control my pleasure. 

“You know, I thought this would happen,” Hannah said. “I guess it’s time to release the bulls.” 

She left before I could ask what she meant. Bulls? 

When she returned, there were three humongous men behind her. They were easily twice as tall as she was, and covered in rippling muscle. 

“Ever wonder what happens to the guys who are affected by your milk?” Hannah said. “Well, now you know. Have fun!”