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Dairymaid Cafe: The Delicious Box Set

Dairymaid Cafe: The Delicious Box Set contains two hot stories involving lots of dairy fun in the hottest cafe you've ever heard of! 

Previously released as single titles, this 11,000+ word erotic collection brings together:

1. Dairymaid Cafe

Cindy Watt is broke. She needs a job, and when the proprietress at the mysterious Little Shop points her to Dairymaid Cafe, she jumps at the chance. But this isn't your regular cafe. After her breast grow, swelling with milk, Cindy realizes that the cafe has a sexy underside. The waitresses serve the customers their own sweet cream, and it looks like it's Cindy's turn to be milked!

2. Down on the Farm

Cindy Watt is one of the buxom waitresses at the Dairymaid Cafe. She loves her new job, squirting out sweet cream for her customers. Business is booming. But soon the cafe can't keep up with demand, and the store owner has a new idea. Cindy and her coworkers ramp up production by becoming  cows on the Dairymaid Farm. She's stripped, pumped, and exposed to peeping patrons. When it's her turn to be milked, Cindy needs some special help, and three huge men know just what she needs!

This box set contains scenes of dairy filled sex, and is only intended for adult readers!