Erotic Voices 02: Chikan- Taken in Public on the Morning Train, by Ellen Dominick

The second episode is a reading of Chikan: Taken on the Morning Train. 

Author: Ellen Dominick

Reader: Lolita Young

Book: Chikan: Taken in Public on the Morning Train

Where to Buy: Amazon, Smashwords, All Retailers

Blurb: Samantha Lawrence is all alone and defenseless in the big city of Tokyo. Taking the train to her very first day of work, she is sandwiched in front of a man who can't keep his hands to himself. Who would have guessed that she would end up wet, exposed, spanked, and banged, all before 9 AM? 

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Intro and Outro Music: Cool Vibes and Groove Groove by Kevin MacLeod ( 

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