Erotic Voices 04: Billionaire Ahoy by Alice May Ball

Today we have an extra long special treat from Alice May Ball!

Author: Alice May Ball

Book: Billionaire Ahoy

Where to Buy: Amazon


A big, beautiful billionaire blew into a diner downtown on a sultry hot New York afternoon. I wanted him right there, right away, and I wanted him with cream. He made me wait. But it was worth it.

My life would never be the same again.

ADVISORY: 18+ only, adult themes, situations and language. Involving a curvy girl, massive amounts of tantalising and tease, as well as salaciously explicit graphic scenes of hot, intimate sex. Including: oral sex, outdoor sex, female masturbation and some voyeurism. Some of it on a yacht. 

Intro and Outro Music: Cool Vibes and Groove Groove by Kevin MacLeod ( 

Sultry Saturday