Okay, I bought my pre-made cover, what now?

Now I will add  your text to the cover and send you a proof. If you like it, you'll get the full file for your publishing enjoyment.

What  size are the files?

1400 pixels wide by 2240 pixels, making an image with a 1:1.6 image ratio.

Barnes and Noble requires a smaller size, so you will also get a 1267 pixel by 1900 pixel cover if you are selling there. 

What resolution and format are they?

Both sizes are 72 dpi JPEGs.

Will anyone else get my cover?

Nope. Once you purchase it, your cover is yours alone.

What if I need a series of covers?

No problem! Choose the cover you like, and buy a discounted bundle of 5 or 3 covers. I will make a distinct, yet recognizable series of covers for you.

Can I have more or less text? A tag line?

Yes. Just let me know.

Can I change the fonts, colors, or anything else?

Sure, but since that will take more work I will charge extra. Depending on what you need, it might be around $20.

What if I don't have a title yet?

No problem! I'll reserve the cover for you. Just let me know when you are ready with the title.

How long will it take to get my cover?

Pre-mades will be in your inbox in 24-48 hours.

Custom covers may take 7-14 days.

Not counting weekends or holidays.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo?

The cover is yours. You can use it to advertise wherever you like. It would be super nice if you credited and linked to me in your book. The cover is only for digital publishing.