Training Kate: The Submission of a Maid

 Book 3: Kate's Ball


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The party has finally started. Kate, a submissive maid, has been given to an older couple for training. They are going to teach her how submit completely, and not just to them. Today is the big ball, and everyone that's invited can treat Kate as their sexual toy. Toys, whips, collars, and anything you can think of are on the menu. Will she be able to submit to being the party entertainment and getting taken in front of everyone? 


 This kinky 13,000 word story contains explicit scenes of anal, vaginal, and public sex, exhibitionism, BDSM,  spanking , gangbangs, menage, and the totally domination of Kate by sexy partygoers.  It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


I head back into the fray. This time, a young man stops me. He has kind grey eyes and his suit is sleekly tailored. His hair is so thick and honey brown that I want to tangle my fingers in it.

He picks up the paddle.

“What’s all of this about?” he asks. He picks up each thing on the tray, turning them around in his hands. He must be new. 

“You can use them,” I say.

“Use them, how?” he asks. Now he has the whipped cream in his hand. He pops the top off and squirts a mountain of white fluff on the tip of his tongue. 

“On me,” I say.

His eyes grow large, and he stares at me.

“Wait, really?” he asks. I just smile at him. A red blush creeps up his neck from the collar of his shirt and he starts looking at all of his choices. Then he looks at the whipped cream that is already in his hand.

“I can use this?” he asks, “On you?”



“Anyway you like,” I say.