Mind Control 101: Hypnotizing My Sleeping Little Sister's Best Friend


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Trevor and Lindsey, two young college students,  spend a night out at a club  that starts out like any other party night. But it takes a different turn when Trevor returns to his dorm and finds a half-naked Lindsey asleep in his bed. What will Trevor do? Will he be a nice guy? Or will he use his hypnosis skills to take Lindsey as roughly and deeply as he's always wanted?


 This steamy 3,000 word story features explicit scenes of  rough sex, wet oral sex, masturbation, mind control, hypnosis, vaginal sex, inter-mammary sex (breast sex), anal sex, and unintentional creampies delivered to a sleeping party girl. It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


I spread Lindsey’s legs wide. She looks so vulnerable and exposed in my bed like this. Just the way I like it.

I position myself just outside of her . Slowly, I drag my around her . Her juices completely cover me so that I'm slick and wet. Perfect.

At first, I think to go in slowly. I gently press into Lindsey, letting her  get used to the feeling of me inside her. But this is my chance to go wild! So I shove myself in deep and hard, filling her all the way up in an instant.

Lindsey’s mouth drops open and she lets out a slow, guttural moan as I press as far as I can go. Her back arches even though her eyes are still closed and her arms are limp.

With each thrust, I pull the whole length of myself out of her. When I slam back in, I hear that slow moan and it only makes me go even rougher than before.