Dairymaid Cafe, Heating up Jack Frost, Checking Santa's List, and 2 Audiobooks

It's another new release bonanza! I hope you enjoy these new stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

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Cindy Watt is broke. She needs a job, and when the proprietress at the mysterious Little Shop points her to Dairymaid Cafe, she jumps at the chance. But this isn't your regular cafe. After her breast grow, swelling with milk, Cindy realizes that the cafe has a sexy underside. The waitresses serve the customers their own sweet cream, and it looks like it's Cindy's turn to be milked!

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Curvy Holly just wants to go home for the holidays. She'd rather be warm with her family than at home without a guy to heat her up. But when a freak snow storm crashes her car and strands her in the middle of nowhere, those plans are ruined. Lucky for her, she's saved by a mysterious, tall, pale, and sizzlingly sexy guy named Jack. He nurses her back to health and Holly soon finds out Jack Frost is way hotter than she thought!

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Candice is tired of just being a volunteer mall elf. What she really wants under her tree is Brad, her best friend and the sexy guy underneath the Santa suit. When she accidentally shares too much on her Secret Santa card, Brad is more than willing to grant her wish. Candice ends up sitting in Brad's lap and a lot more! But won't they get caught playing their naughty holiday games right in the middle of the mall?

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She's the Billionaire: Books 2 & 3, now in audiobook format!

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