She's the Billionaire: An Erotic BDSM Story of Female Domination

Book 3: The Dinner Party

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Richard, a new lawyer, has completely submitted to Chris Baker, his domme and boss after she blackmailed him. But tonight she as something toady unexpected in store for him. He never imagined that he would see her totally stuffed in all of her holes, but when does he get to join in the fun?


This hot 3,300 word story contains explicit scenes of bdsm, femdom, creampie, multiple partners, triple penetration,  male chastity, and more surrounding a fancy dinner party. It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


Without even pausing, the three men started to tear off their clothes. The lawyer grabbed Baker, and she dug her fingers into his dirty blond hair. He picked her up in his arms and Richard remembered how small and light she actually was. When the lawyer dropped her on the bed, she bounced only gently.

By now she was the only one dressed. The men circled her as if they were just waiting for the right moment to pounce.