Training Kate: The Submission of a Maid

Book I: Kate's Exhibition

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Kate and her dom Michel have agreed on a strange arrangement. He rents Kate out to wealthy strangers who are allowed to do any and everything to her. She's collared, banged, and stripped right in the middle of their living room! But the real fun is yet to begin.


 This steamy 3000 word story contains explicit scenes of anal, vaginal, and public sex, exhibitionism, BDSM,  spanking , and punishment of Kate by her hot dom. It is of adult nature and meant for readers over 18 years of age. 


He pulls a leash out of his pocket. The leash is simple, naturally colored leather, but the collar is lined inside with soft satin and edged with white lace. Michel pushes my hair over one shoulder so that he can see my neck, and he buckles the collar on tightly. I can breathe fine, but I feel its tightness against my throat with every movement.

He picks up the end of the leash and hands it to Albert.

“She’s yours now,” he says. “Take good care of her while I’m away.”